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Kkrieger (size 96 kb)

kkrieger is a first-person shooter video game created by German demogroup. theprodukkt which won first place in the 96k game competition at Breakpoint in April The game remains a beta version as of Contents. [hide]. 1 Development history; 2 Procedural content; 3 Reception; 4 References; 5 External links. kkrieger, free and safe er latest version: A free PC games program for er is a free game only available for Windows, that is part of the category PC games with s. Windows. Minimum. Operating system (OS). Processor (CPU), GHz Pentium 3, Athlon. System memory (RAM), MB. Hard disk drive (HDD), 96 KB. Video card (GPU), Nvidia GeForce4 Ti ATI Radeon MB of VRAM DirectX b compatible. Shader model support.

23 Jun kkrieger (the smallest 3D shooting game in the world):O Can you believe a first- person 3D shooting game is only 96kb? Since this game is not very. there are many great intros (considering the "how much can be done in 64kb") and nearly nobody knows them. then one game and after 3 days everyone becomes fascinated about what can be done in 96kb. i shouldn't care about it but somehow it makes me a bit sad and angry. shoking the gamer-community itself. kkrieger makes extensive use of procedural generation methods. Textures are stored via their creation history instead of a per-pixel basis, thus only requiring the history data and the generator code to be compiled into the executable, producing a relatively small file size. Meshes are created from basic solids such as boxes.

ESPECIALY now,when lot of people talk about "BLUE RAY is needed for gaming ". This game have verry good graphics,missions,different weapons etc And its onl 96 KB in size (to remind you, one average-quality picture in JPG format is + KB). The "official" minimum specs er: chapter 1 beta. 31 Jul This is pretty amazing the graphics aren't very good by today's standards but for a 96KB download, it's amazing. but this doesn't mean that you don't need a good videocard infact, you DO need a good videocard (at least with kkrieger, it's recommended that you have at. That's still only roughly the size of a single mp3 file or one digital camera picture! :) And of course, the biggest trick er is that everything is procedural. A choice made because of the goal they set out with. There's assets in Doom that just couldn't have been done with tiny procedural texture descriptions and still.


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