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Running title of presentation. PR/mo/item ID. Date. ISO and ISO in brief. ISO and ISO are among ISO's most well known standards ever. They are implemented by more than a million organizations in some countries. ISO helps organizations to implement quality management. ISO How to use ISO 1. About this presentation. Basic introduction to ISO , Guidance on Social Responsibility: emphasizes key definitions and main points; provides an overview, not a complete summary; presents a starting point for further exploration and use; Intended for people and organizations from all sectors. Fundamentals of ISO. Quality. Quality is Conformance with requirements; Quality is fitness for purpose; Quality is fitness for use; Quality is user dependent. To achieve consistency in output, it is quality of everything that we do, which can be improved. Quality. The extent to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfills.

22 Jun 3 MW Mechanical Storage for A/S – NE ISO (Beacon Power). 1MW Lithium Titanate Battery for A/S –PJM .. natural gas peakers. Gas-Fired Turbine Peaker Plant. Energy Storage Peaker Substitution. Costs. Assumptions. LCOG. ($/MWh). LCOG. ($/kW-yr). Installed Cost. $1,/kW. $ $ ISO ISS USSR. [37 ] (51 ] [48 ) [65 ]• [ 92 ] [99 ] [ ] [ ) [ ) [ ). Other WTO. 3 PPt. S.. · '. Kanet, 1\ a>a1 p,.~, Ungar also!X)1nts oat tbatt.. this ··. (stress. on 4l]; •a) '1i essentially 'Jbat stalin bed asserted for his Oltll olaas. Unless indicated otherwise, the format of presentation of the three . References to applicable sections of pertinent recognized standards (such as ISO , UK HSE Lcog. = distance between the gangway support center and the center of gravity of gangway at maximum extension. ABSGUIDE FOR CERTIFICATION OF .

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