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Can you ps vita games on pc then transfer to ps vita download

Can you ps vita games on pc then transfer to ps vita

The PS Vita does not support a way for a PC to download software from the PlayStation Network and then transfer it to the PS Vita. It shouldn't really be necessary anyway since you can access PSN directly from the Vita. If your problem is that you don't have WiFi, you're probably not going to be able to. I went to Sony Entertainment Network website and I see that I can download it to my PC. However, I see that it only downloads the instructions as file. I did some research and it turns out that you need the Playstation Network Downloader in order to download the game with file. Only problem. Yeah I download pretty fast using the Vita WiFi as well, but I agree that Media Go should support the Vita. It was nice to have all my PSP games and save data download to my PC so I could just transfer the games back and forth if I needed to . Sure you can do that on your PS3 but when you start to build up a good library of.

On my PC, however, I get direct ethernet cable hooked up and can get 25mbps download speed. Downloading a 10GB game is much less a pain on the PC. Can I download games through PS Plus subscription onto a PC and then transfer it to my PS3? What about Vita games? Do you usually download Vita games directly. No, you can't do this. You can download them to your Vita and then transfer them to your PC using content manager though. You can also download them directly to your PS3 if you have one. permalink; embed; save. [–]PyrocyPyrocy[S] 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (4 children). damn, was. I've been looking at the PS Vita but I still have some questions. I hope I I buy many games and there's no room for one more, can I delete one game to make room for a new one? If so, can I Actually, the software is built into the Vita, it asks you to install it when you connect it to the PC, and from then on it's pretty simple.

No, it's not possible to do so because PS-Vita games can only purchasable via a PS3 with a valid account. You can only transfer PSN games via a PS3 (this restriction is not applicable for media contents, videos, music etc.) See here http:// for all the devices that.


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