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4 Apr Hi crazychief,. Some websites will have this tag set for their videos as a default. You could try: Type about:config in the address bar and hit enter. Agree that you'll be careful; Search for d; Double click to change the value to false. Hopefully this helps! Read this answer in context 1. 11 Dec Note: 0 = No Multi-proccesor = slow again. TRY 2 Restart Firefox after making these changes please. Update Video Card Drivers. ATI Radeon HD Series driverDate: featureLog: {u' fallbacks': [{u'message': u'Unsupported by driver', u'name'. Because the use of many audio and video file types is restricted by patents, a third-party application or plugin is required to use them. Firefox, however, is able to Firefox can play the WAV container format .wav,.wave file types) containing uncompressed audio in PCM at 8 or 16 bits per sample. Vorbis audio, Opus audio.

If the site works with ad-blocking disabled, you may want to add the site to your whitelist in your adblocker filter. Any Firefox extension can also block plugins. If the video or audio plays when you disable all extensions, then one of your extensions was causing the problem. For more information, see Troubleshoot extensions. 4 Sep Booting the browser up into safe mode; Updating any/all drivers. Specifically I can for sure, without a doubt, say that my gfx card drivers are up to date. Creating a new firefox profile, and using it instead. At this point the only thing that comes to mind is the idea that the plugin loading these videos isn't working. 5 Dec It does not explain why you appear to be able to run your videos without problems using Google Chrome but not Firefox Quantum though. Even so, I . The reason of laggy youtube and vimeo playback on firefox is the e10 (multi process) technology which is for now not compatible with gpu acceleration.

Firefox uses too many CPU resources - How to fix. At times To determine if an extension or theme is causing Firefox to use too much CPU, start Firefox in its Safe Mode and observing its CPU usage. For certain plugins that play videos such as Flash, the content rendering in full screen can be accelerated by hardware. 8 May Since the last week or so I get two audio streams when watching youtube clips. They have av small offset in start so it sounds like an echo. If I pause the video, one audio stream continues. The problem can be avoided by reloading the youtube clip. I have tried: Reset and reinstall Firefox. Started without. Some versions of Windows are missing Windows Media Player and other media- related technologies needed to decode and play videos and music properly. Microsoft offers a Windows Media Feature Pack (for versions designated as Windows N and KN editions) and a Platform Update Supplement (for Windows Vista and.


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