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FishersLog is fishing log software for anglers who keep a fishing journal or fishing diary. Fishing Log software. Incorporating GPS, mapping and reporting tools, images, sun moon and tide tables, solunar tables, trip and catch details. This database program lets you organize all aspects of your fishing activities, but using it can be a baffling and frustrating process. The program's main.

This application is a specialized database for your fishing activities, but may be too simple for power fisherpersons. My Fishing Log XG's cartoon-like. FishTales is the fishing journal and log book you've been waiting for. There is an old saying that says, “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat the failures of the past.” FishTales enables you to recall the past and take maximum advantage of your own historical record. Over time you will create a database of caught. The Pro Fishing Log is a free fishing log/fishing journal website. Discover fish patterns using stats, charts, maps, date filters and deep analytics.

Search Soft on - Fishing Log Software: Angler`s eLOG Pro ProgramVersion; Angler`s eLOG - Fishing Gear ProgramVersion; Fishing Log PRO ProgramVersion; FishInSight ProgramVersion; Event Log Viewer ProgramVersion; Angler`s eLOG ProgramVersion; Fishing Buddy ProgramVersion. Fishing Log: The original free fishing log - still the best! Covers everything you want to track. 3 May My day job is in software development, so I decided to write a fishing log program during an offseason. After the initial development, myself and a couple other fishermen used it for a season, then I refined it in the following offseason. I " launched" it 6 weeks ago, and it's selling way better than I'd thought it.


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