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Browscap.ini for php

PHP Versions. (13, KB). This is a special version of for PHP users only! (66, KB). This is a larger version of with all the new properties. ( KB). This is a smaller version of file containing major browsers. 25 Sep Browscap data is not configured in Could you please document the procedure for fixing this. I've searched and searched and everyone mentions something about setting up in but nobody documents the exact line of code that should be put in there nor where it is. You can get an updated file here: - choose the version you need (PHP, in this case).

The PHP function requires to set the path of the file in the directive browscap, which is flagged as PHP_INI_SYSTEM (so it can only be set in or , which isn't allowed in many cases, e.g. in shared hosting environments). It's much faster than the PHP function (several hundred times. Before you can start, you have to download the file and convert it into a cache. There are two ways. a. Download the file and convert it in two steps. The downloaded file will be stored in a local file, but there is no check if the remote file has changed. If your cache gets corrupted you only need to rerun the convert. 2 Sep PHP actually has a built-in method of parsing the file. However, for this method you must manually download the correct (any of the PHP versions) and configure PHP for the correct directory. This might not be possible in a shared host environment, so you might need to look at a.

Be aware that loading via the browscap setting may consume a non-trivial amount of memory. Current versions are several MB in size (even the “lite” one) and can eat tens of MB of RAM in each PHP process. This happens even if you never call get_browser() since is loaded. 2 Mar You can export a new set of browscap files: $ bin/browscap build test Resource folder: Build folder: Generating [ASP/FULL] Generating [PHP/FULL] Generating [ASP] Generating [PHP]. 13 Mar is a piece of code that allow you to use the famous formerly Gary Keith's browser information database [UPDATED] which now it's keep by R. Moose and hosted at new download page. This piece of code allows PHP 5 coders to use the without the needs to.


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